New Study Reveals Proof of Spirit

Proof that we are spirit beings is found in the chakra frequencies. We know that specific frequencies are associated with specific chakras because we can physically feel each one when activated by the
corresponding frequency. When you feel the chakra, you are feeling an aspect of your spirit essence! That essence is the eternal part of you that does not die, validating that we are spirit energy contained within a body.

The words science and spirituality are not commonly used in the same sentence, but we now have physical science, proving that we are more than the body, we are spiritual beings. This is new information that will one day change how we perceive one another and the world we live.

Through testing, we know the chakras resonate at specific frequencies, because they vibrate and become sympathetically aroused when in the presence of a corresponding frequency to a point that we can feel them. We can feel them being activated due to a scientific phenomenon known as “harmonic resonance.”

What is Harmonic Resonance?

Harmonic resonance is a phenomenon that occurs when a standing wave frequency comes into contact with an object tuned to the same frequency causing the object to vibrate at a level matching the generated frequency.

Each colored vortices witnessed in meditation is a manifestation of the energetic frequency being generated by the chakra. The color of the chakra provides us with the link to finding the frequency.

There are many examples of this occurring in our life.

● If there are two guitars in a room tuned the same, you can pluck a string on one guitar and the same string on the second guitar will begin vibrating sympathetically creating sound matching the first instrument.

● If you have ever been to a clock shop you will notice that all of the clocks tick together and the pendulums swing at the same rate.

● In an auditorium, heartbeats synchronize together.

    The table below provides us with a list of colors within the light spectrum and the range of possible frequencies in THz.

It should be noted that there are many reported chakra frequency tables advertised on the Internet. Most all of the frequencies reported fail a basic test of physics, as they do not generate the color produced by the chakra, as noted in the chart above. Using the criteria above as a specification for each chakra, we began a research project to discover the actual frequency for each chakra.

The table below lists our finding of each chakra with its associated note, frequency and vowel sound.

The chakra frequencies listed above passes 4 important tests confirming their accuracy.

  1. Each chakra frequency passes the color physics test. Note how each chakra color is in alignment with each frequency.
  2. One is able to physically feel each chakra being activated when the frequency is being generated. (See 2 Minute Spirit Test for a demonstration)
  3. Healing arts professionals are able to muscle test each chakra and frequency.

How we found the Chakra Frequencies.

Recognizing the-disconnect between the frequencies posted on the Internet and the chakra colors reported by the masters, my friend Jan and I met with professional musician, Hui Cox in New York City in search of an answer. After briefing Huey with our findings shown on the Visible Light Spectrum chart, he suggested we go to and experiment with frequencies found within the color range shown for each chakra.

Knowing that color is a manifestation of frequency and believing in the testimony of Indian masters, we began researching frequencies for the Root Chakra within the range of 430 to 480 hz. After trying several frequencies none of which seem to indicate any sort of response, I recalled the frequency of 432 as being a foundational frequency within nature. Once the frequency of 432 came on, my friend Jan immediately felt the frequency in her root chakra. Jan is very energetically receptive to frequencies. I was not so quick to experience the frequency. It wasn't until I started breathing more and playing with different hand techniques that I was able at to absolutely feel the frequency with the palms of my hands. After trying several different variations of hand positions, I discovered one that seems to work very effectively for feeling each of the frequencies. Please note hand techniques for feeling each chakra in the 2 Minute Spirit Test video.

Once we were certain we had the root chakra frequency identified, we began a systematic process for testing each of the chakras with frequencies within the prescribed range of color. Jan, being so energetically receptive was able to feel when the proper frequency was being played for each of the chakras. What we ultimately found where the frequencies shown on the Chakra Frequencies and Correlations Chart shown above. These frequencies have been tested by hundreds of yoga students and at small gatherings. More tests need to be completed. Thanks for watching the 2 Minute Spirit Test and checking out yourself. To test the frequencies yourself, from a precise commercial devise, go to: Let me know how it goes!


Chakra Color Frequency 1 Octave Below 2 Octaves Below
Root Red
Sacral Orange
Solar Plexus Yellow
Lower Heart Light Green
Heart Green
Upper Heart Blue Green
Throat Blue
Brow Purple
Crown Violet

Why are Chakra Frequencies Important?

• They provide us with tangible evidence that we are spirit beings.
• They present us with a new technology for healing using sound, light, prayer and meditation
• They represent the reality of our inner design, wiring and programming.
• Emotions – either you manage them – or they manage you. Understanding your emotions gives you power to control them – thus your life...

You can’t master that which you don’t understand. Knowledge and understanding of the chakra system illuminates an important aspect of who we are as human spiritual beings.

Ultimately, we are musical beings. Life is about mastering our instrument.

The relationship between light, color, frequency, sound, chakras and consciousness is part of the natural sciences. This is basic information every man, woman and child should know. It we are to walk with integrity – we should know what that integrity looks like.

Chakra Healing Modalities:

Healing is voltage. The chakras activate energetic pathways into nerve ganglia and organ systems within the body. Using music, intention, and the healing power from the human Voice, energetic treatments can be produced specific to each person's needs. Within the treatment a variety of frequencies can be combined that might include frequency colored light energetic or healing touch that will empower and improve the body's natural healing abilities.

This table illustrates the relationship between chakra colors and the wave length of frequencies. The lower frequencies are longer in period; more experiential and travel faster than the shorter period frequencies.

For more information on Frequency and color: